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Looking for that very unique piece of jewelry, but can’t find it anywhere? Looking for the perfect ceramic piece for your home decor? Eager to try your hand at making your own ceramic art? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Click the links below to check out my custom jewelry, custom ceramic art, and sign up for a monthly ceramic subscription box.

About Shasa Thomas

Hi! My name is Shasa Thomas.  Art has been my passion since the age of 12 and that passion led to me receiving a BA in Fine Arts.  I did not know until several years later that ceramics would become something I not only enjoy creating, but can’t imagine not creating.  I am now lost in the wonderful world of handbuilding, molds, and pottery making!  I love to see the creativity that continues to come from these hands.

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Shasa Thomas

View and purchase hand-crafted custom ceramic art by Shasa.

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