About the Designer

I grew up in California with a love for all things beautiful! That love
turned to Art one day in sixth grade when my teacher assigned a
biography assignment. I chose to write about Picasso. In researching his
life and artwork, I found a love to create through drawing and
painting. From then on, I spent every day drawing whatever I could find.
That newfound drive led me to obtain a Bachelors in Fine Arts, but
after college I lost my passion for Art.

It wasn’t until I moved to Oklahoma with one pair of
earrings in my possession that the creative bug surfaced again. Out of
my need for more jewelry, I found that I could make jewelry well and I
truly loved doing it! I love to create Earrings, Necklaces, and Glass
Pendants with a variety of Beads, Wire, Crochet, Polymer Clay, and
Glass. Now the desire and passion for “all things beautiful” made by my
hands has returned, and I cannot imagine letting it go again.

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